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Tommy Castro
Can't Keep a Good Man Down

Version française

European Edition Cover Art

US Edition Cover Art
Tommy Castro started his career as a Blues-Rock musician by giving concerts in the San Francisco Bay Area, where he is from. His recording debut was released 1995 ("Exception to the Rule"), and was followed two years later by "Can't Keep a Good Man Down". This second album not only confirmed his talent as a Blues-Rock artist, it gave him a worldwide audience. Tommy Castro has released a third album since ("Right as Rain", released in 1999), a live recording ("Live at the Fillmore", released in 2000) and is now touring Europe as well as America.
"Can't Keep a Good Man Down" is energizing Blues-Rock, with a couple of pure Rock n' Roll gems ("Nobody Loves Me Like My Baby", "You Only Go Around Once"), a bit of Soul a la James Brown ("You Gotta Do What You Gotta Do"), and a funky "High on the Hog". Tommy Castro's Stratocaster guitar and Keith Crossan's saxophone dominate the album, with inspired cheerful solos on about every track. Add a bass, drums, and subtle keyboards that pop in on a few tracks, and you know what the ingredients of this vitamins concentrate are. Castro's voice is amazingly powerful, yet proper, never forced. Background vocals, fully masculine, are took in charge by the band itself.
This album is a positive enthusiastic Blues-Rock recording ; not the kind of a record that remains forgotten on a shelf.


1.    Can't Keep a Good Man Down (Castro) - 4:00
2.    You Gotta Do What You Gotta Do (Castro/Harris) - 3:26
3.    Suitcase Full of Blues (Schuffert) - 4:10
4.    My Time After Awhile (Badger/Geddins/Feinberg) - 5:22
5.    You Knew the Job Was Dangerous (Castro/Walker) - 3:37
6.    Nobody Loves Me Like My Baby (Castro) - 3:08
7.    High on the Hog (Castro/Walker) - 4:42
8.    Can't You See What You're Doing to Me (King) - 4:41
9.    Take the Highway Down (Castro/McDonald) - 4:29
10.    Hycodan (Castro/Walker) - 4:29
11.    I Want to Show You (Castro/Walker) - 4:01
12.    You Only Go Around Once (Castro/Gilbert) - 3:43

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Version française