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About BluesRoad... and the webmaster

I first discovered Blues music in 1994, during a Luther Allison concert in Paris. I simply loved it. For some strange reason, I waited over three years until I realized that Blues was the music I really wanted to listen to, and so I started buying and collecting Blues albums around 1997.
At that time, the major French record stores (FNAC) released a booklet, that presented a selection of Blues albums to start with. Now, as far as I'm concerned, they could not have released that booklet at a better time. It really helped me a lot. And now that I have a good idea of what Blues is, who the artists are, and why an album can be good or bad, I must say that the FNAC booklet was a pretty good guide ; I never had to regret an album purchase from the guide.

That is basically how the idea of BluesRoad came up. It is a non-commercial site dedicated to Blues. Its goal is to provide people with a selection of albums to start a collection with. I cannot guarantee that you will like every album of the BluesRoad list. All I can say is that I personnally heard and enjoyed all the albums that are on the list. Part of the albums of the BluesRoad were in the FNAC booklet too ; but BluesRoad is definitely a personal selection.

Well that's about it. You just might still wonder who I am ; well, I am no Blues musician. At all. I work in computer network security. Contact me for details...

About the snippets...

Snippets are available on most of the albums in BluesRoad. In each album description, simply click on a track name to hear a musical extract of the song. The snippets are put online by online music retailers. They are in Windows Media or Real Audio format.

Note : in no way there will entire songs provided here. I don't want to get in trouble with the artists, authors, record labels, or anyone. If you want to hear the entire songs, just buy the album. As "Joliet Jake" from the Blues Brothers said, "I suggest you buy as many Blues albums as you can !".