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James Cotton
Deep In The Blues

Version française

"Deep In The Blues" is an acoustic jam session between master harp-player James Cotton, guitarist Joe Louis Walker and Jazz bassist Charlie Haden, with pianist Dave Maxwell sitting in on a few tracks. Walker, Haden and Maxwell make a perfect supporting band to James Cotton's gruff vocals and spontaneous harp playing. The band performs James Cotton classics, and new material (mostly written by James Cotton and Joe Louis Walker), and covers a few songs by Big Maceo, Muddy Waters, Percy Mayfield and Sonny Boy Williamson.
Cotton's playing is breath-taking with emotion ; in addition to his own solos, he tastefully drops in a few notes at perfectly felt moments, during Walker and Haden's own parts. Haden brings a jazzy feel to the album, and appears alone with his upright bass on "Ozark Mountain Railroad". Walker also gets his moment of exposure, with his performance on National Steel Guitar in his own "Vineyard Blues".
Put this CD on, sit back, close your eyes, and be prepared for a few chills down your spine. "Deep In The Blues" is a Blues masterpiece, performed by experienced players, that have the ability to join their talents, in addition to their technical skills, to record with such a level of feeling.


1.    Down At Your Buryin' (Cotton) - 4:32
2.    All Walks Of Life (Cotton) - 3:34
3.    You Got My Nose Open (Murphy) - 4:18
4.    Dealin' With The Devil (Williamson) - 3:34
5.    Strange Things Happen (Mayfield) - 4:20
6.    Country Boy (Cotton) - 3:21
7.    Vineyard Blues (Walker) - 3:29
8.    Worried Life Blues (Merryweather) - 4:05
9.    Two Trains Runnin' (Morganfield) - 4:53
10.    Ozark Mountain Railroad (Haden) - 3:45
11.    Sad Letter (Morganfield) - 4:14
12.    Play With Your Poodle (Hawkins) - 3:39
13.    Blues In My Sleep (Cotton) - 6:10
14.    Everybody's Fishin' (Cotton) - 3:18

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  Vous voulez savoir si vous aimez le blues? Ecoutez "Down at your buryin'". C'est de l'émotion a l'état brut. Peu d'enregistrements arrivent a restituer ce degré d'intimité avec l'artiste. James Cotton nous livre un jeu tout en matière, en souffle et en râles, qui nous transporte bien au-delà des notes. Une telle puissance avec tant de simplicité (écoutez la ligne de basse), c'est ša, la magie du blues...-- Olivier Durand

Version française