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Chris Duarte
Texas Sugar / Strat Magik

Version française

Like for his peer Kenny Wayne Sheperd, Chris Duarte's playing in this 1996 debut has often been compared to Stevie Ray Vaughan's. In fact, every new-young-white-talented guitar player that makes his appearance on the Blues scene sooner or later gets his Stevie Ray comparison. Sure Duarte's music breathes with Vaughan spirit, among other influences. These notably include funk, and "punk Blues" ("Scrawl", "Just Kissed My Baby", "My Way Down").
As a vocalist, Chris Duarte is far from impressive, which explains why his writing is focused on his guitar mastery : "Texas Sugar / Strat Magik" contains two all instrumental acts, and most of the seven other tracks contain longer guitar solos than actual sung verses ; each track averages over 5'20".
Duarte's playing is exceptionnally sharp and fast, really the kind of artistry that made the Stratocaster such a legendary instrument.


1.    My Way Down (Duarte/Jordan) - 4:36
2.    Letter To My Girlfriend (Jones) - 4:16
3.    C-Butt Rock (Duarte/Jordan) - 4:05
4.    Just Kissed My Baby (Nocentelli/Neville/Porter, Jr./Modeleste) - 6:44
5.    Shiloh (Duarte/Jordan) - 9:40
6.    Scrawl (Duarte/Jordan) - 4:54
7.    What Can I Do ? (Duarte/Jordan) - 5:06
8.    Big-Legged Woman (Russell/Blackwell) - 5:15
9.    Borrowed Love (Duarte/Jordan) - 3:54

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Version française