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Skip James
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Skip James has had a rather mysterious career as a Blues artist. In 1931, he recorded 17 songs for Paramount. But not all of them were actually released, and those who were did not really break through. Skip James then went back to Mississippi, where he originally came from. There, he lived a normal anonymous life, away from music, working as a farmer. He was rediscovered during the 1960's Blues Revival - over thirty years after his first recordings. "Today !" was recorded during that period, in 1964.
The recording quality of this album gives a good idea of Skip James' talent. Skip James' eerie falsetto voice, and his own accompaniment on guitar or piano, fill the air with the saddest atmosphere ever. Play this album in a quiet room ; it will not just break silence - it will use silence as an instrument, to emphasize the impression of sadness. This is simply Blues, at its best.
Among the twelve songs, you will find "I'm so Glad", which was interpreted a few years later by Eric Clapton's Cream.


1.    Hard Time Killin' Floor Blues (James) - 3:21
2.    Crow Jane (James) - 2:57
3.    Washington D.C. Hospital Center Blues (James) - 4:10
4.    Special Rider Blues (James) - 5:08
5.    Drunken Spree (James) - 2:47
6.    Cherryball (James) - 4:24
7.    How Long (Carr) - 2:55
8.    All Night Long (James) - 5:00
9.    Cypress Grove (James) - 4:18
10.    Look Down the Road (James) - 3:14
11.    My Gal (James) - 6:05
12.    I'm so Glad (James) - 1:54

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Version française