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Snooks Eaglin
Out of Nowhere

Version française

Snooks Eaglin's impressive repertoire includes so many songs, and covers so many styles, that he was once referred to as a "human jukebox". "Out of Nowhere" was released in 1989 under the Black Top label. This album is a perfect example of Eaglin's numerous styles and skills : Rhythm 'n' Blues ("Oh Lawdy, My Baby"), Swing-Jazz ("Out of Nowhere", "Mailman Blues"), Soul music ("You're so Fine") and even Country ("Young Girl"). Actually, the reason why this album is filed under Blues is more the instrumental settings and the arrangements than the music itself, except for the slow bluesy "West Side Baby".
Two different instrumental settings support Snooks Eaglin throughout the album. Some tracks include only guitar, drums and bass ; some others feature a complete horn section and full rhythm accompaniment. The album also features Sam Myers on the harmonica ("Young Girl"). Finally, Snooks Eaglin appears alone on guitar in "Kiss of Fire", a traditional tango tune.
The diversity of styles and ideas contained in "Out of Nowhere" are performed with Snooks Eaglin's unique guitar technique, spontaneous enthusiasm, and exuberant passion for the music.


1.    Oh Lawdy, My Baby (Ridgley) - 3:25
2.    Lipstick Traces (Neville) - 3:15
3.    Young Girl (McCain) - 2:51
4.    Out of Nowhere (Traditional) - 3:36
5.    You're So Fine (Pickett/Scofield/West) - 2:45
6.    Mailman Blues (Eaglin) - 2:54
7.    Wella Wella Baby-La (McCoy/Singleton) - 2:40
8.    Kiss of Fire (Traditional) - 2:34
9.    It's Your Thing (Isley/Isley) - 2:30
10.    Playgirl (Lemon) - 2:41
11.    West Side Baby (Walker) - 4:37
12.    Cheeta (Eaglin) - 3:24

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Version française