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R.L. Burnside
Acoustic Stories

Version française

R.L. Burnside has recorded "Acoustic Stories" in 1988, before his 1990s Fat Possum alternative Blues experiments, such as "Mr. Wizard" and "An Ass Pocket of Whisky". As one can expect from the album title, this record is an all-acoustic set ; R.L. Burnside is accompanied by harmonicist John Neremberg on a few tracks, and goes solo, on vocals and guitar, on all the others. Burnside's Blues on this album is deep, haunting, hypnotic even, and probably as close as can get to the roots of Delta Blues.
The material features several covers by John Lee Hooker ("When My First Wife Left Me", "Hobo Blues", "Meet Me In The Bottom") and Robert Johnson ("Walking Blues", "Kindhearted Woman Blues"), and a few chilling originals. The only odd cut here is "Monkey In The Pool Room", a spoken tale about a baboon playing pool. For the rest, this album is an incredible Delta Blues revival, with all the intensity and soul expected in that music.


1.    When My First Wife Left Me (Hooker) - 3:39
2.    Death Bell Blues (Burnside) - 2:53
3.    Skinny Woman (Burnside) - 2:12
4.    Monkey In The Pool Room - 2:55
5.    Hobo Blues (Besman) - 3:32
6.    Walking Blues (Burnside/Johnson) - 3:15
7.    Long Haired Doney (Burnside) - 3:09
8.    Poor Black Mattie (Burnside) - 3:55
9.    Meet Me In The Bottom (Hooker) - 2:14
10.    Miss Glory B. (Burnside) - 3:07
11.    Kindhearted Woman Blues (Colley T/Johnson) - 3:40

(Audio snippets in Windows Media format)

Version française