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Robert Cray
Sweet Potato Pie

Version française

Robert Cray is one of the Blues artists who can best mix Blues with Rhythm and Blues, and Soul influences, with great taste and style. 1997's "Sweet Potato Pie" confirms that fact.
The album contains up-tempo rhythms ("I Can't Quit", "Nothing Against You", "Jealous Minds"), as well as laid-back melancholic ballads, which really give the album its overall Soul spirit ("Not Bad For Love", "The One In the Middle", "Simple Things"). Otis Redding's "Trick Or Treat" is also among the set, and is perfectly at home among Cray's own compositions.
"Sweet Potato Pie" contains Cray's strongest material since "Strong Persuader" (1986). Yet, unlike this other great album, Robert Cray insists less on guitar, and gives a greater share to his singing, and to the Horns section (the Memphis Horns).
Note : the song "Save It" is included only in the European edition of the album.


1.    Nothing Against You (Cray) - 5:46
2.    Do That For Me (Cray) - 4:26
3.    Back Home (Cray) - 5:59
4.    Save It (Bryant) - 3:32
5.    One In The Middle (Pugh) - 5:17
6.    Little Birds (Cray) - 3:50
7.    Trick Or Treat (Redding) - 3:10
8.    Simple Things (Cray) - 4:46
9.    Jealous Minds (Pugh/Hayes) - 4:43
10.    Not Bad for Love (Cray) - 7:12
11.    I Can't Quit (Cray) - 5:04

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Version française