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Popa Chubby
Hit the High Hard One

Version française

Popa Chubby was born Ted Horowitz in the Bronx, N.Y. He started playing the guitar when he was a teenager, and took his cue from artists of the 1960s, like Jimi Hendrix and Eric Clapton. Allthough is main interest in music was Blues, his musical career began by supporting punk artist Richard Hell on stage. His first breakthrough as a Blues musician occured in 1992, in Long Beach, California, where he was awarded New Artist of the Year, and opened the Blues festival.
"Hit the High Hard One" is Popa Chubby's first live recording. Chubby's gritty voice and saturated guitar are unexpected ingredients in a CD filed under Blues. His style is somehow influenced by his early independant punk-rock days. Popa Chubby is not just another talented guitarist on the contemporary Blues scene : he is one with its own history and own style, and he cannot be compared to any other known Blues artist. On this album, his unique style climaxes during his interpretation of Chip Taylor's "Wild Thing", which ends with a scream a la Joe Cocker and amplifiers on Larsen. The album also contains a cover of Bob Dylan's "Isis".


1.    Heart Attack and Vine (Waits) - 5:12
2.    Caffeine and Nicotine (Horowitz) - 4:04
3.    Long Distance Pain (Horowitz) - 10:11
4.    Size 13
5.    What's So Great About Rock and Roll (Horowitz) - 3:53
6.    Stoop Down Baby (Horowitz) - 5:45
7.    Trail of Tears (Horowitz) - 4:17
8.    Isis (Dylan) - 6:50
9.    Sweet Goddess of Love and Beer (Horowitz) - 8:54
10.    San Catri (Horowitz) - 10:12
11.    Wild Thing (Taylor) - 3:17

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Version française