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Mighty Mo Rodgers
Blues Is My Wailin' Wall

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Mo Rodgers' Blues career started several decades ago, when he backed such great artists as T. Bone Walker or Albert Collins on the organ. "Blues Is My Wailin' Wall" is his debut album as a solo artist ; it was released in 1999. Rodgers' songwriting skills are quite impressive - all the songs were written by him, and they are all very good. His style is inventive, as he combines soulful tunes with sound effects, unheard in Blues before, such as tropical rainstorms and African percussions. His talent as a composer shows equally in soft, laid-back tunes ("Sweet Soul Music", "The Kennedy Song") and in punchy, rocking songs ("Gone Fishin'", "Heaven's Got The Blues"). Rodgers' lyrics are clever and explicit, and are served well by his raucous, lion-like voice.
"Blues Is My Wailin' Wall" is an album that makes one shout for more ; indeed, such talent and experience deserve more than one album, and should hopefully be able to produce some more goods in the future.


1.    Blues Is My Wailin' Wall (Rodgers) - 3:19
2.    Took Away The Drum (Rodgers) - 4:18
3.    Heaven's Got The Blues (Burks/Rodgers) - 4:14
4.    No Regrets (Rodgers) - 4:56
5.    Tuskegee Blues (Rodgers) - 2:25
6.    No Dough (Rodgers) - 2:18
7.    The Kennedy Song (Rodgers) - 3:37
8.    (Bring Back) Sweet Soul Music (Rodgers) - 5:00
9.    Willie B. And Me (Rodgers) - 3:34
10.    Gone Fishin' (Rodgers) - 4:20
11.    Shame ! (Rodgers) - 5:46

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Version française