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Mississippi John Hurt
In Concert

Version française

John Hurt has had a double career as a Blues musician. He was rediscovered in 1963, during the Blues revival, over thirty years after his first recordings ("Avalon Blues" was first recorded in 1928 !). Despite the years, Hurt's musical abilities, repertoire and humour have remained unchanged, as this album shows, recorded in 1965 during a concert Hurt gave at Oberlin College, Ohio.
John Hurt's music deals with the life, labour and hopes of the Black People living in the South, just like the Negro Spirituals did a few decades earlier ("Trouble I Had All My Days", "Monday Morning Blues", "Lonesome Blues"). But his music is also that of an entertainer ; his wisdom and spirit are shown in this album, with "Candy Man", "Salty Dog" and "I'm Satisfied".
As some of his record sleeves say, listening to John Hurt's music makes one think that he is "the wonderful grandfather we never had". Discovering John Hurt is a must during one's Blues journey.
This album, "In Concert", was recently reprinted and released under a new title : "Live!".


1.    Nobody's Business but Mine (Hurt) - 3:48
2.    The Angels Laid Him Away (Hurt) - 5:08
3.    Baby What's Wrong With You (Hurt) - 3:17
4.    Casey Jones (Hurt) - 3:56
5.    Candy Man (Hurt) - 3:14
6.    Lonesome Blues (Hurt) - 3:44
7.    My Creole Belle (Hurt) - 2:18
8.    Make Me a Pallet on Your Floor (Traditional) - 3:42
9.    Trouble I Had all My Days (Hurt) - 4:20
10.    C-H-I-C-K-E-N Blues (Hurt) - 0:54
11.    Coffee Blues (Hurt) - 3:40
12.    Shake that Thing (Hurt) - 2:09
13.    Monday Morning Blues (Hurt) - 4:59
14.    Frankie and Albert (Hurt) - 4:33
15.    Salty Dog (Hurt) - 3:28
16.    Spike Driver's Blues (Hurt) - 3:04
17.    Here I Am, Lord, Send Me (Hurt) - 3:08
18.    Talking Casey (Hurt) - 3:29
19.    Hot Time in the Old Town Tonight (Hurt) - 3:32
20.    I'm Satisfied (Hurt) - 1:52
21.    Richland Women Blues (Hurt) - 4:29

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Version française