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Kenny Wayne Shepherd
Ledbetter Heights

Version française

Kenny Wayne Shepherd is part of the new generation of young gifted guitar players that entered the Blues scene a few years ago. His first album, "Ledbetter Heights", contains twelve songs of electrical Blues-Rock, and pure, clean guitar playing. Kenny Wayne Shepherd is still in his twenties, but he sure knows how to hold a guitar. His surprising solos sometimes have a Stevie Ray Vaughan taste, which is rather promising for this young artist. Similar success as Vaughan's is all one can hope for Kenny Wayne Shepherd - "Ledbetter Heights" encountered a great deal of popularity - but the man still has to confirm this promising debut. Unfortunately, the two albums he released since : "Trouble is..." (1997) and "Live On" (1999), are a step below the main critics' expectations.
Anyway, "Ledbetter Heights" is still a great recording ; nothing really soulful here, but an amazing Blues-Rock guitar player, worth discovering.


1.    Born with a Broken Heart (Shepherd/Tate) - 5:56
2.    Deja Voodoo (Selby/Shepherd/Sillers) - 6:09
3.    Aberdeen (White) - 4:15
4.    Shame, Shame, Shame (Nadeau/Shepherd) - 6:05
5.    One Foot on the Path (Selby/Shepherd) - 3:49
6.    Everybody get the Blues (Michael) - 5:58
7.    While We Cry (Shepherd) - 6:17
8.    I'm Leaving You (Commit a Crime) (Howlin' Wolf) - 4:16
9.    (Let Me up) I've Had Enough (Nadeau/Selby/Shepherd) - 2:43
10.    Riverside (Bowe) - 3:46
11.    What's Goin' Down (Nadeau/Shepherd) - 5:30
12.    Ledbetter Heights (Shepherd) - 6:11

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Version française