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Keb' Mo'
Keb' Mo'

Version française

Keb' Mo's debut was released in 1994. It is a collection of acoustic Country Blues, with strains of Folk and Soul. The sound it delivers is a savvy mix of inspiration from traditional music and modern recording techniques.
Among the fine material selected here, Keb' Mo' covers two songs by Robert Johnson, turning "Kindhearted Woman Blues" into a soft folk ballad, and performing "Come On In My Kitchen" with an efficient and firm guitar/harp/vocals combination. Keb' Mo' not only shows great multi-instrumental performing talent, he is also a terrific songwriter. Besides the two Robert Johnson songs, all the tracks in entire album are written or co-written by Keb' Mo' himself. Most of the compositions are slow tunes, like the playful "City Boy", "Don't Try To Explain", "Victims Of Comfort", and "Anybody Seen My Girl", but he is also able of pulling off cheerful and up-tempo songs ("Angelina", "Tell Everybody I Know"). "Am I Wrong" is another up-tempo tune, and is the most Blues-oriented cut of the set.
Keb' Mo' has released two new albums since this one : "Just Like You" (1996) and "Slow Down" (1998).


1.    Every Morning (Moore) - 2:58
2.    Tell Everybody I Know (Moore) - 3:09
3.    Love Blues (Moore/Powell) - 3:01
4.    Victims Of Comfort (Kimber/Moore) - 3:20
5.    Angelina (Graper/Moore) - 3:45
6.    Anybody Seen My Girl (Moore) - 2:55
7.    She Just Wants To Dance (Graper/Moore) - 3:28
8.    Am I Wrong (Moore) - 2:18
9.    Come On In My Kitchen (Johnson) - 4:08
10.    Dirty Low Down And Bad (Moore) - 3:06
11.    Don't Try To Explain (Moore) - 3:56
12.    Kindhearted Woman Blues (Johnson) - 3:27
13.    City Boy (Moore) - 4:05

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Version française