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Jimmy Thackery And The Drivers
Drive To Survive

Version française

Jimmy Thackery and the Drivers have released 6 albums since the band was founded, in 1991. Before that, Jimmy Thackery was part of the Nighthawks, with whom he recorded over 20 albums and gave around 300 concerts a year. This gives an idea of how hard-working he is as a Blues-Rock guitarist, and explains his level of guitar mastery. "Drive To Survive" was released in 1996 on Blind Pig Records.
Jimmy Thackery's playing style sometimes recalls that of Jimi Hendrix ; and when listening to this album, you will also certainly have some ZZ Top flashbacks, especially on "You Got Work To Do". Thackery's guitar solo on that song contains a riff taken from Billy Gibbons' act in their version of "Viva Las Vegas".
The comparison, however, stops here. The material of the album covers various styles, that Hendrix and ZZ Top never got close to. "Drive To Survive" can be described as a melting pot of Blues-Rock (with tracks like the title song, and "Long, Lean and Lanky"), Be Bop ("Burford's Bop"), and Surf music ("Cool Guitars"). A great modern cover of the instrumental "Apache" stands among the gems of the set. The album contains two other instrumentals. On the other tracks, lead vocals are performed by Jimmy Thackery, or by drummer Mark Stutso.
Unlike some other albums by Jimmy Thackery, "Drive To Survive" does not have a weaker song ; all the tracks are really worth listening.


1.    Drive To Survive (Thackery) - 4:09
2.    You Got Work To Do (Thackery) - 4:15
3.    Slow Down Baby (Thackery) - 3:48
4.    Burford's Bop (Thackery) - 4:09
5.    Long, Lean And Lanky (Thackery) - 3:32
6.    Rub On Up (Thackery) - 4:12
7.    That's How I Feel (Thackery) - 5:03
8.    Apache (Lordan) - 3:58
9.    Play To Win (Thackery) - 4:17
10.    Cool Guitars (Sutherland) - 3:42
11.    All About My Girl (McGriff) - 4:31

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Version française