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Jonny Lang
Lie To Me

Version française

Many reviews have already been written on Jonny Lang, and on this album, "Lie To Me", in particular. Well, here's one more.
This young guitarist is a gifted player, incredibly fast, capable of spitting out astonishing razor-sharp riffs, in the Albert King or Albert Collins ways. Jonny Lang also has an incredible voice, from which you would never guess that he is still in his twenties. In "Lie To Me", he delivers twelve songs, including Ike Turner's "Matchbox" and a great cover of Sonny Boy Williamson's "Good Morning Little Schoolgirl", that recalls the one by Junior Wells on "Hoodoo Man Blues". Jonny Lang doesn't write his material yet (except for "Missing Your love", cowritten by Jonny Lang and Dennis Morgan), but the material is cleverly selected to show what he is capable of. "Lie To Me" is a great major-label debut, and Jonny Lang is a promising artist. One can only hope that he will grow to become a mature Blues artist and author.
Despite his young age, Jonny Lang can deliver emotional playing, which is rather promising for the years to come. "Lie To Me" is probably more soulful than some of Albert Collins' or Buddy Guy's acts. Yet, emotion and personal style are fields on which Jonny Lang can work and improve.


1.    Lie To Me (McCabe/David Z) - 4:14
2.    Darker Side (McCabe) - 5:10
3.    Good Morning Little School Girl (Williamson) - 4:15
4.    Still Wonder (Bowe) - 3:45
5.    Matchbox (Turner) - 3:30
6.    Back For a Taste of Your Love (Johnson/Carter/Johnson) - 3:32
7.    A Quitter Never Wins (Ellis/Sampson) - 5:57
8.    Hit the Ground Running (Lunn/Silbar) - 3:31
9.    Rack'Em Up (McCabe) - 4:08
10.    When I Come To You (Lang/Morgan) - 4:59
11.    There's Gotta Be a Change (Collins) - 4:11
12.    Missing Your Love (Lang/Morgan) - 3:54

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Version française