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Hound Dog Taylor and the HouseRockers
Natural Boogie

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Hound Dog Taylor spent most of his Blues career giving gigs and concerts, without ever recording anything in a studio. He became Alligator Records' first artist in 1971 with his debut album, simply entitled "Hound Dog Taylor and the Houserockers". "Natural Boogie" is Taylor's second album, and was released in 1973, also on Alligator.
Hound Dog Taylor and the Houserockers consist of only two guitarists and a drummer. Their music is not highly technical ; above all, it is loud and raucous. Their sound probably comes from the many years spent in giving gigs in noisy crowded clubs.
Their music can be described as "joyful Blues" in this album, which contains instrumental acts as well as songs. Most of the eleven tracks are rocking Boogie Blues acts. Even slower titles like "See Me In The Evening" and the emotional "Sadie" are quite energic.
Hound Dog Taylor died in 1975, leaving us a legendary smile and this Boogie Blues masterpiece as his legacy, along with a few other good albums.


1.    Take Five (Taylor) - 2:40
2.    Hawaiian Boogie (James) - 2:38
3.    See Me In The Evening (Taylor) - 5:04
4.    You Can't Sit Down (Clark) - 3:20
5.    Sitting At Home Alone (Taylor) - 4:07
6.    One More Time (Phillips) - 2:27
7.    Roll Your Moneymaker (Taylor) - 4:00
8.    Buster's Boogie (Taylor) - 3:12
9.    Sadie (Taylor) - 6:10
10.    Talk To My Baby (James) - 3:18
11.    Goodnight Boogie (Taylor) - 3:22

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Version française