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Elmore James
Let's Cut It : The Very Best Of Elmore James

Version française

A "Best-Of" album can be a good or a bad way to discover an artist's works, depending on how the tracks were chosen and how the set was brought together. "Let's Cut It" is a well-crafted "Best Of Elmore James" set, which rounds up 18 tracks from his early works, selected among his Flair, Meteor and Modern recordings.
The album delivers all the intensity of Elmore James slashing slide guitar and soulful singing. The collection opens with two famous songs : "Dust My Blues", stolen from Robert Johnson, and "Blues Before Sunrise". Other tracks worth mentionning are "Hawaiian Boogie", a rocking instrumental, "Standing At The Crossroads", which is sung in a loud, soulful voice. The editor could have chosen not to insert the false start on "Canton, Mississippi Breakdown", that is not of much interest, and could have skipped the song "I Believe", which is very close to "Dust My Blues". Still, "Let's Cut It" offers an excellent summary of Elmore James' music.
As said previously, the album covers essentially Elmore James' early years. If you want to listen to a wider period of the artist's career, you will rather consider buying the double CD box set entitled "The Sky Is Crying".


1.    Dust My Blues (Bihari/James) - 3:16
2.    Blues Before Sunrise (James) - 2:42
3.    No Love In My Heart (Josea) - 2:22
4.    Sho Nuff I Do (James) - 2:44
5.    Standing At The Crossroads (James/Josea) - 2:45
6.    I Was A Fool (Bihari/James) - 2:49
7.    Sunnyland (Josea/Ling/Taub) - 3:16
8.    Canton, Mississippi Breakdown (James/Josea) - 3:46
9.    Happy Home (Josea) - 2:44
10.    Wild About You Baby (James) - 3:16
11.    Long Tall Woman (James) - 3:37
12.    So Mean To Me (James/Ling) - 2:26
13.    Hawaiian Boogie (James) - 2:18
14.    Mean And Evil (Josea/Taub) - 2:13
15.    Dark And Dreary (Bihari/James) - 2:45
16.    My Best Friend (James) - 2:43
17.    I Believe (Taub) - 3:10
18.    Goodbye Baby (Josea/Ling/Taub) - 2:58

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Version française