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Duke Robillard
La Palette Bleue

Version française

European Edition Cover Art

US Edition Cover Art
Duke Robillard fans, don't panic : before you start looking for "La Palette Bleue" at your record store, anxiously thinking that you have missed a Duke Robillard album, there is something you should know. "La Palette Bleue" is the name under which Duke Robillard's "New Blues For Modern Man" was released in France, and a few other European countries. "La Palette Bleue" contains 13 tracks, while "New Blues For Modern Man" contains only twelve - it misses the song "I May Be Crazy". The tracks are mainly originals, except for Bob Dylan's "Love Sick", and a rocking cover of Charlie Patton's well known "Pony Blues".
As the French title suggests, the album covers a wide palette of Blues styles : heavy-beat rocking acts, such as "Pony Blues" and "Jumpin' Rockin' Rhythm", and slow (yet passionate) Blues tunes, like "Don't Fool With My Love" and "Hurt Me". The album is fed with various inspirations, with tracks like "Big Bottom Blues", a laid-back jazzy instrumental, "I May Be Crazy", an up-tempo jazzy song, and the well-crafted "You're The Only One", that has a Mexican flavor.
"La Palette Bleue" was recorded live in the studio, in only a few takes, which gives a spontaneous, energic feeling to it. Duke Robillard's playing is as powerful as ever, and he sings with an assured growling voice. The entire band's live performance on this record results in one of the most energic Jump Blues in Duke Robillard's catalog.


1.    Pony Blues (Patton/Robillard) - 4:54
2.    Fishnet (Robillard) - 3:49
3.    Don't Fool With My Love (Robillard) - 4:30
4.    Love Sick (Dylan) - 5:04
5.    Addiction (Robillard) - 7:24
6.    Jumpin' Rockin' Rhythm (Robillard) - 3:33
7.    Good Man (James) - 3:57
8.    You're The Only One (Who Can Move Me That Way) (Robillard) - 4:42
9.    Hurt Me (Basile) - 5:21
10.    I May Be Crazy (Robillard) - 4:15
11.    I Don't Want To Say Best Wishes (Robillard) - 4:18
12.    Big Bottom Blues (Robillard/Taylor/James/Parker/Richards) - 6:34
13.    How Long Baby (Robillard) - 4:31

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Version française