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Buddy Guy
Slippin' In

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"Slippin' In" was released in 1991 and is probably Buddy Guy's best solo album since 1980. None of his works of the same period gets close in quality to this album. Actually, it is closer in spirit to Guy's 1960s early works than to anything he's released since.
The record contains 11 tracks, six of which were recorded with Stevie Ray Vaughan's former backup band, "Double Trouble". Yet the most positive appearance on the album is that of pianist Jonnie Johnson, who joins Guy and his regular band on the five other tracks. Unlike some other Buddy Guy + Guest Star combinations of the past 20 years, where Guy does nothing else than compete with his guest in technical virtuosity, these five live recorded songs have Buddy Guy joining forces with Jonnie Johnson. Guy's guitar and Johnson's piano echo back to each other delightfully, to perform simple, energic, efficient Blues. The remainder of the album follows the same spirit : Buddy Guy and the Double Trouble band do not try to bring Vaughan's unique style back to life, nor does Buddy Guy try to replace the late Stevie Ray Vaughan - he wouldn't need that kind of "honors" anyway. He and the band simply play their Blues the way they have to be played.
"Slippin' In" contains Buddy Guy standards and originals, as well as songs originally performed by Jimmy Reed ("Shame, Shame, Shame"), Lowell Fulson ("Love Her With A feeling"), Fenton Robinson ("7-11"), Charles Brown ("Trouble Blues"), and Bobby Bland ("I Smell Trouble").


1.    I Smell Trouble (Robey) - 3:12
2.    Please Don't Drive Me Away (Ervin/Brown) - 3:55
3.    7-11 (Robinson) - 6:57
4.    Shame, Shame, Shame (Reed) - 3:29
5.    Love Her With A Feeling (Fulson) - 4:27
6.    Little Dab-A-Doo (Guy) - 5:19
7.    Someone Else Is Steppin' In (Slippin' Out, Slippin' In) (LaSalle) - 4:26
8.    Trouble Blues (Brown) - 3:07
9.    Man Of Many Words (Guy) - 3:02
10.    Don't Tell Me About the Blues (Quinn) - 6:16
11.    Cities Need Help (Guy) - 5:29

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  Slippin' In is Buddy Guy's best album of the decade, by far; it is in fact one of the strongest contemporary blues albums of the last quarter-century. -- Steve Hoffman

Version française