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Amos Garrett
Off the Floor - Live !

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European Edition Cover Art

US Edition Cover Art
This is Canadian guitarist Amos Garrett's first "live" album. He and his band, the Eh Team, have a long experience of playing together, in clubs or small concert halls. They still tour Europe and Japan on a regular basis. "Off the Floor" was recorded in 1996 during a concert Amos Garrett and the Eh Team gave at the Sidetrack Cafe, in Edmonton, Alberta.
Amos Garrett is an experienced and very talented guitar player. But what makes "Off the Floor" clinch, is his baritone rumble-voiced singing style. It is simply unique. And don't think the Eh Team are just there for support ; each of the musicians is given several opportunities to show his own talent and be the lead, while Amos Garrett erases himself for a moment, to become in turn a supporting artist. The album even features guest vocals by keyboard player / songwriter Ron Casat ("Looking for a Sign").
The albums also includes remarkable covers of songs by Robert Johnson ("Walkin' Blues"), Huddie Ledbetter ("Grasshoppers in my Pillow"), Johnny Otis ("Willie and the Hand Jive") and Percy Mayfield ("Maybe it's because of Love", "That's what a Little Dream can do"). It also contains the inimitable "Buried Alive in the Blues", that gives me the chills each time I listen to it...


1.    Walkin' Blues (Johnson) - 4:23
2.    Just Like a Fish (Woods) - 3:29
3.    Willie and the Hand Jive (Otis) - 8:30
4.    Goose Grease (Heartsman) - 4:21
5.    That's What a Little Dream Can Do (Mayfield) - 4:52
6.    Looking for a Sign (Casat) - 3:57
7.    Conversation with John Lee (Hook's boogie) (Garrett) - 12:27
8.    Sleepwalk (Farina/Farina/Farina) - 4:30
9.    Maybe It's Because of Love (Mayfield) - 2:52
10.    Wrong Lake to Catch a Fish (Willis) - 3:36
11.    Bad Bad Whiskey (Noble) - 4:42
12.    Buried Alive in the Blues (Gravenites) - 4:18
13.    Grasshoppers in My Pillow (Ledbetter) - 4:32

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Version française