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Albert Collins
Albert Collins and the Icebreakers, Live 92-93

Version française

Albert Collins started his career as a Blues artist with an album who did not have any success. His debut was later re-released under the name "Truckin' With AC". Thanks to Bob Hite (Canned Heat), he managed to sign with Imperial, around 1968, and recorded "Love Can Be Found Anywhere Even In A Guitar", an album who did not have a long-lasting success either. Collins then had to struggle for a few years, he even became a truck driver, until 1978, when he finally got back on the Blues track, with his "Ice Pickin'" album (Alligator). Since then, Albert Collins has never stopped playing, and managed to make it among the greatest names of the Blues. He died in 1993.
This Live recording was released after Collins' death, and perfectly illustrates his sharp playing-style. His guitar solos remain short, sometimes just a few notes, but are very intense. He seems to torture his guitar, over the rhythm of the drums and the brass section. His Blues are very different than those, much softer, of B.B. King and John Lee Hooker. His guitar touch is absolutely unimitable.
"Put the Shoe On The Other Foot" is probably the most demonstrative track. The guitar solo doesn't start until late in the track, but when it comes, Collins litteraly explodes his Telecaster, and spits notes at the edge of pain.
Mister Collins was a wild Blues player, to be filed next to musicians such as Luther Allison, Buddy Guy or Stevie Ray Vaughan. This record is a must-have if you like powerful rhythmed Blues. And if you're lucky enough to have deaf neighbors, then turn up the volume, the sound of the album is just plain awesome. -- Fred, translated from French


1.    Ice Man (G.Collins/Smith) - 3:57
2.    Lights Are On But Nobody's Home (G.Collins) - 10:58
3.    If You Love Me (Like You Say) (Taylor) - 3:42
4.    Put The Shoe On The Other Foot (G.Collins/Williams) - 8:40
5.    Frosty (G. Collins) - 7:34
6.    Travelin' South (G.Collins) - 3:35
7.    Talkin' Woman (Fulson/Washington) - 3:09
8.    My Woman Has A Black Cat Bone (Semiens) - 7:25
9.    I Ain't Drunk (Liggins) - 5:05
10.    T-Bone Shuffle (Walker) - 5:29

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Version française